Saturday, March 14, 2020

Revamp Your Resume 3 Essential Tips for Receptionists

Revamp Your Resume 3 Essential Tips for Receptionists One of the most timesIn the descriptive sections of your resume, make sure youre illustrating your skills and experience, not just telling your prospective employer about them. Sit down with a friend   and brainstorm specific instances where you successfully multi-tasked in a busy office environment, organized a chaotic project or packed schedule, or communicated effectively during a stressful time. Answering a question like How would you evaluate your organizational skills by referring to a particular project you managed with flying colors will impress your future boss more than a recitation of your abilities.Finally,  as with any job, make sure you proofread carefully- even down to formatting consistency and accurate punctuation. The polish you give to your resume will speak for your ability to present clean and concise documents at work, too!

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